makes my blood boil ...

i got tired of blogging and since i am hardly stunning the world with my views, i stopped.
but today, something  heard made my blood boil.
i was asked not to blog about work, but it happened to a colleague, so i guess it's ok.
and i wont use real names but if u want to know, call me and i'll be happy to blab.

anyway, my colleague - who is indian and we'll call her A - helped another to cover a story about a taiwanese pop star. this pop star speaks english, so no problem right?
so when A arrived with a photog, the photog overheard the concert organiser's pr person or marcomm person - shall we call her dumbass? - tell another, in chinese somemore, "i worked so hard to arrange this, and she (my other colleague) send an indian."
when this was related to me, i wanted to call the production company's boss - who wouldn't know who i am if i fainted right in front of him - to complain.
but A - being classy and sensible - said while she was pissed, dumbass was too insignificant to be bothered with.
if this had happened to simon or susie, i'll go for some dumbass throat. at this day and age, there are still major dumbasses. i'm sitting on my hands trying to stop myself from doing something.

i am not so idealistic to that racism doesn't occur on a daily basis. But i still get worked up when i hear about it.
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and i become part of the statistic ...

I only realized this when planning for the trip but this is actually the first time I'll be away during the National Day period! can you imagine? I am more of a patriot that I imagined.
Now I better get that flag out hahahahahaha.
(Surprisingly, these new blocks I am in seen very bochap about that flag. No one has hung it yet. My father thought we better spot a couple of it first b4 we jump the gun.

More S'poreans travelling abroad over the National Day weekend break
Sat, Jul 19, 2008
The Straits Times

By Aw Cheng Wei

THERE is still time to book an overseas tour during the National Day weekend.

But you better hurry for tour agencies said places to popular spots like Hong Kong, Thailand and Taiwan are selling out fast.

According to 12 tour agencies that The Sunday Times spoke to, 10 reported an average increase of 15 per cent in business compared to last year, despite a hike in airline-ticket prices because of higher fuel costs.

Sales at the other two agencies were on par as last year's.

At SA Tours, Ms Ruth Lim, its marketing and communications manager, said: 'We've seen a 17 to 25 per cent increase in bookings, depending on destination. The trend seems to be pointing towards cities that are not take more than five hours away from Singapore.'

This would cover places as far away as Taiwan, India and Perth.

The cost ranges from $398 for a weekend tour to Bangkok to $1,100 for another to Taiwan.

Read the full story in tomorrow's edition of The Sunday Times.

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some many goals, so little time ...

I've got less than 10 days before I promised myself to start on a new list of goals.
but there were quite a few that i am unable to get done b4 the current deadline.
nevermind, will carry forward the goals and give myself another decade hahaha.
Soooooo (not in order of priority):
1. See Paris with T
2. Lose half the weight!
3. Quit smoking for good, and not just cut back
4. Learn to speak Malay
5. Contribute more to charity.
And something I want to do daily: Spend more quality time with my parents and my son.
Also, b4 the end of the next decade, I would be retired and working freelance and traveling and doing charity work around the world, while T remains the successful brand manager and paying for my upkeep hahahahahaha
ok, fingers crossed, i hope, i hope, i hope.
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children's cancer foundation ...

aiyoh, i sat on it quite a bit, so now i'm scrambling:
if you can afford it and would liketo make a donation to the Children's Cancer Foundation, pls go to
i'm shaving my head again.
and as if my hair knows its days are numbered, it is getting extremely poofy. my hair seems to get bigger by the hour. 
anyway, i'll be botak by sunday afternoon. so please donate if you can la.
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same old fuckin' story ...

don't gasp, that's the title of the new song from cyndi lauper.
but miss lauper is a mind reader.
how did she know this would be my refrain?
oh well, life is what it is.

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a damn shitty day ...

i am horribly grumpy today. it is one of those days.
this morning, an auntie cut my taxi queue. and when i told her very nicely i'm in front of her, she "heh!" me!
after waiting nearly 15 mins, a cab came and she flagged it down.
i got so pissed off i actually shouted. and she gave me black face and told her companion: "I let him go first. so unreasonable!"
ok, i respect senior citizens and im the first to give up my seat on the bus or the train. and had she asked, i would have given her the cab first.
but dunno la, probably woke up on the wrong side of the bed.
and this evening, i very stupidly thought it was a good idea to go to Giant Tampines to get some groceries. i thought it would be nice for my dad, since he does like to walk around and kaypoh a bit.
it turned out to be one of the worst ideas ever.
it was crowded, the people were rude and the taxi queue was too long.
i called for a cab and the guy took forever to come cos he was stuck in the jam.
and when he came, he gave attitude! it was as if it was my fault that he got stuck in the jam. and he didn't even bother to call me to let me know. i had to call the hotline, qait in that darn phone queue and finally to be told, yes, he would be delayed.
and today, t and i fought constantly all becos i was a grouch and horrible.
i so badly wanted a cigarette and a good cry.
now im home, had my smoke, took a long long shower and am listening to my anne murray. 
i am feeling better, thank goodness.
i'm going to tear into my pack of M&Ms.
i will regret the M&Ms in the morning but fuck it. life is short.
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OMG ...

i just did a stocktake of what i have to do and I am so far behind.
worse, I've got so much more ahead.
time to gird my loins ....

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three strikes and he's out ...

of cos there are so many horrible things happening across the globe but i want to rant.
i am very impatient and it is made worse if i have to work with someone less than hardworking.
i won't mention name la cos for wat right? (and as if u know who!) but today was strike 3. 
i'm making plans to replace struck-out. such a chore. but it's a waste too cos this one is quite good at the main part of the duties. 
but struck-out stank and screwed up so many other stuff. t
sk tsk
struck-out was strike 3 with me. and struck-out was strike 3 with many others too, i was told.

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jailed ...

someone i know actually got arrested.
good grief.
he wrote some racist shit on his blog, someone complained and he kena.
i have scant tolerance for racism but, to be frank, i was surrpised when i found out. i guess you never know. i always had the impression he is not as stupid as that. but then, i don't know him that well. 
and after this incident, i guess i don't know him at all.

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Goodbye 2nd aunt ...

my mother's sister passed away on fri.
she was in so much pain in her final days I am actually kind of glad for her. i'll always her to be the fiesty one, who smokes a cigarette a day when she went to the loo.
i was so young when i first found out and i was scandalized! (of course now .... I'm sneaking off to a corner at herwake to catch a smoke!)
it pains me to see how my mom is now. this is the third sibling she lost in recent times.
My cousin and I have a mission: To keep an eye on each other's moms, to make sure they're ok. the cremation is on tues, so we're getting ourselves prepared.
ive got to work tonight, got work the next two days. it's madness.

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